Plex: Day In The Life

Plex BG1.jpg


We love using Plex in the office to display our media, so when they approached us to create a 30-second commercial for their “Day In The Life” campaign, we were very excited. The client's vision: create a 30-second commercial that followed a family and showcased their use of Plex in a typical day. Here’s how we brought that vision to life:  



Plex Storyboard.gif

After having a meeting with the client, we were asked to create a storyboard to give them a rough outline of the flow of the video. We were able to access the filming locations early, and put together a rough concept storyboard. This was very helpful for everyone to see the basic idea of the commercial, and help us make some final decisions before filming. 



Screen Replacements

In order to have the most flexibility in post production, we decided we would film this commercial with screen replacement in mind. Our VFX artist was able to motion track all of the shots, and replace all necessary screens. Plex was able to provide different screens for us to try, and we eventually landed on the final product.  

Here’s a look at a few before and after shots: